Work With Nkidu

Nkidu wants to showcase great games that push the industry forward, through narrative, gameplay or artistry. We also like donuts, so if you have donuts, we’ll take those.

What We Do For You


There are a lot of games out there, and it’s tough to break through the noise. By partnering with Nkidu, you gain access to industry-leading PR and marketing teams. We can handle all the heavy lifting when it comes to getting media and gamers around the world excited about your game.


Making games independently is no easy task, and we’re here to help make your game as good as it can be… and, you know, shipped. We’ll help with QA/playtesting; we’ll help you find that perfect artist; or we’ll consult on your development pipeline. Whatever you need.


Ewwww, yucky business stuff. There’s a lot more to developing games than… developing games. How do you get your game on distribution platforms? How best to make money? How to deal with console manufacturers? We can connect you with the right people or handle it all while you focus on development.


We don’t like restrictive partnerships. Work with us a little or a lot. Already have an amazing game but just need a strong promotional push? Done. Really need some business advice but not much else? Deal. This might just be crazy enough to work.

Sound good? We’re looking for great games to publish right now. If you’re interested in working with Nkidu — regardless of which platform you’re working on — or if you have any questions, email us and we’ll talk.